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els2900 Alpine Run

Run. Tag a peak. Repeat.

Inspired by FKT on Els 2900 route, they customized the track to add more ridge running and off track segments. Be ready to tackle one of the most incredible alpine route ever made for a runner. It’s hard and steep. Think averaging 1,000m of vertical variation every 5K. Yup, you read it right…

Mountain love, camaraderie.
It’s all about the journey. Located in remote areas, the course allows a deep imersion in nature where runners will spend two days together sleeping in mountain huts (before and after the race). A great way to share your passion with like-minded people!

Experienced runners only.
Let’s put it straight. Els 2900’s course is as hard as it is beautiful! Think spending twice the time you’d usually need to complete a similar distance on any other ultra. Hence our strict rules to ensure safety for all runners and guarantee nature conservation of our beautiful country.

Wild and beautiful Pyrenees.
Andorra is at the heart of the Pyrenean mountain range. Els 2900’s course offers you a unique chance to tag the seven highest peaks of the country as well as three bonus summits!