Calendari 2021


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Limited Edition 500u.

Pics by Jordi Saragossa  – Design by Maria Fainé.

After a year immersed in a global pandemic the humans who are planning to colonize Mars are helpless in front of a virus around 100nm of diameter.
Can we, be considered the global pandemic virus of nature? It is global warming, her fever to survive humanity?

The EU’s total carbon footprint in 2018 was equal to 7.0 tonnes of CO2 per person: 19Kg of CO2 per person every day.

– There are 500 copies of the 2021 calendar and you’re one of those 500 persons owning one of them.

– According to the average, all the owners of this calendar send out 9.5T of CO2e every day. 

By purchasing this 2021 calendar you will contribute to the fight of global warming, offsetting the equivalent of 15 CO2 tonnes and supporting collaborative reforestation with

We can compensate for our carbon footprint, but most important is to reduce it in our daily lives. Use alternatives to driving, purchase energy efficient appliances, minimize flying, reduce meat in your diet and buy locally.

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